The Blessing Pouch

I gave away my second cellphone pouch in two days. Pouch number two went to a woman who was being treated for cancer. Her husband was watching me crochet while he was waiting for his wife. When she came out of the exam room, her husband said to his wife……”Look at what she is making.” The woman then started reminiscing of the days when she could crochet. Right then and there I felt a nudge from God. I told her to wait for me and I went to my car. When I came back, I had a carrier in my hand full of different color crocheted cellphone holders. I asked her what her favorite color was and she said it was blue. I pulled out the blue cellphone holder and prayed that her phone would fit. Surprisingly it fit. I then demonstrated how to use it. She mastered the secret to my cellphone holder. The best part of the moment was the great big hug I received from her. My life is on the road to recovery.

About recoverylife101

We all are connected in one way or another in this great big world. What connects us? Just being human. Come join me on the adventure of a lifetime as we explore the idea of leaving cherished legacies.
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