There Is Power In Recovery

There is power in recovering from addiction. Just ask any recovering person what recovery feels like. I have been there and it felt great. I can be there again…..I keep telling myself. The program of Celebrate Recovery has been helping me deal with some very deep issues. The worst being PTSD. I have never fought in any war on foreign grounds. The battle started at the home front right here on American soil. I was born in a foreign country and came to America when I was four years old. My father said that we moved to the United States for a better life for us children. My father never dreamed that I would be such a failure in life. He doesn’t say it to my face. I just know it in my heart. I want to make amends to him…but I cannot. No amount of money in the world could ever repay him for all the messes he has dug me out of. I can only hope to write him a long letter one day before he leaves this Earth. There is power in forgiveness. I hope to someday reach a point where I can say……”Dad will you ever forgive me for hurting you so badly.” I have forgotten who I really am…..his daughter. Father God has already forgiven me. I know this within my heart. Christ died on the cross to forgive me of my sins. That doesn’t mean that I should continue to sin whenever I feel like it. I have deep spiritual wounds that need healing through forgiveness. I first need to forgive myself for my actions both in the past and present. Forgiveness is definitely not my strong point. I need to exercise my forgiveness muscle more often. Although I gave my life to Christ in the late 80’s, I still consider myself to be a baby Christian or Nomad Christian. I church hop a lot. But tonight will be different. Tonight is the night I start new membership classes at a church I have only been to 5 services. It is a church where I first found out the best Celebrate Recovery program ever. I love the fact that dinner is served before prayer and worship happens. The pastor then lectures us on the topic of the night. I appreciate the words of wisdom and spiritual insight that the pastor offers the program. I am grateful for Celebrate Recovery. There is no program in the world that could help me deal with PB(peanut butter and jelly LOL). God is the ultimate healer to this believer’s body, mind soul and spirit.

About recoverylife101

We all are connected in one way or another in this great big world. What connects us? Just being human. Come join me on the adventure of a lifetime as we explore the idea of leaving cherished legacies.
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