What Type Of Example Are You?

What type of an example are you to those around you? Are you still struggling in your addiction? STOP IT!!!!! You are worthless to those around you who need you. It is hard, the journey to recovery is going to lead you to many new opportunities. You need a cheerleader in your life. Let that cheerleader be your Father in Heaven. Release your addiction to God. Little by little. Step by step your life is going to be headed in the right direction. Your perception and attitude towards yourself needs to change. Learn to live again. Learn to laugh again. Cast your cares unto God. He desires your heart and soul. He wants to be a good example for you. God is always good. If you let go and let God show you, You can be a good example to someone near and dear too you.

About recoverylife101

We all are connected in one way or another in this great big world. What connects us? Just being human. Come join me on the adventure of a lifetime as we explore the idea of leaving cherished legacies.
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