The Lost Puzzle Piece

Addiction is like a puzzle piece placed in the wrong spot. No matter how you try to fit in you just cannot when you are in a state of addiction. No matter what you are addicted to you just cannot seem to get rid of the addiction on your own. You may be a dual addict. Someone addicted to more that one behavior. What it boils down to is this….. an addict sees only one thing in front of them. They see the source of addiction as a source or relief from pain and discomfort. Recovery brings a whole new viewpoint to an individual. Slowly the proper people and places come into the individuals life. The piece of the puzzle of life begins to fit once again. Recovery and life starts to make sense. Hope for the future can be seen once again. Life has a whole new meaning. In order to stay in this state of recovery the addict needs to be supported by either a twelve step recovery program or Celebrate Recovery. Use the Life Recovery Bible each and every day to further your growth in the program.

About recoverylife101

We all are connected in one way or another in this great big world. What connects us? Just being human. Come join me on the adventure of a lifetime as we explore the idea of leaving cherished legacies.
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1 Response to The Lost Puzzle Piece

  1. the extra bonus benefit from finding a good Celebrate Recovery ministry – they have help and support for loved ones and the family too.
    a Christ centered recovery ministry, featuring a 12 step program to learn the how and whys of our hurts, habits and hang-ups.
    (addictions, depression, anger, control, abuse, anxiety, codependency, are just a few areas they help with)

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