The Gift Of Written Prayer

Journaling personal prayers brings me closer to where I want to be……Closer to God or my higher power. I have so many journals with so many blank pages. Looking back on my past journals I can see where I have been and where I want to be in my recovery. It is important to date your journal entries. I personally like to write in my journal and not use online journaling sites. This way I can doodle or pretend that I am an artist on the pages of the journal. I have a separate journal for individuals who ask me to pray for them. Everyone prays differently. Prayer can be public or personal. Writing down prayers helps to keep a record of prayers that were answered and those prayers that are ongoing. Prayers can be either simple or complex. There are no rules to writing down your prayers. After all, it is your personal prayer journal. Your journal does not have to be an expensive one. You can use a composition notebook and leave the outside cover plain or cover it. It may even be a small notebook that you can slip into your shirt pocket or your purse. You may even want to write different bible verses down in it. This will help you stay focused on positive encouragement in your recovery. Your journal is a priceless gift that will be full of your thoughts, prayers and ideas.

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We all are connected in one way or another in this great big world. What connects us? Just being human. Come join me on the adventure of a lifetime as we explore the idea of leaving cherished legacies.
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2 Responses to The Gift Of Written Prayer

  1. 1day4life says:

    Written prayer is my strongest prayer form! Being a writer has a lot to do with it. I use composition notebooks and each entry includes the day of the week, month, date, year, and the time… I have done this for several years. Enriches my alone time with God!

  2. I remember filling eight composition notebooks in one month. My latest gadget to play with is an Echo LiveScribe pen. The pen records my voice as a write on special dot matrix paper. I am then able to download it onto my computer. My written and spoken words come to life both in paper and computer format.

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