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Think Forward To Fifty Years From Now

In fifty years, I might be dead. Yes, dead. I do not think I will make it to 100 years old. I want to live a recovered life. Yesterday I knelt down for one hour and talked to a 100 … Continue reading

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Three Strangers

I have a game that I play almost every day. I believed I have blogged about this before but yesterday was unbelievable. I have anxiety. Deep anxiety that makes me want to hide away from the outside. I only go … Continue reading

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Remembering The Fallen

Today I will remember the fallen soldiers. There will be no bbq. I do not remember ever having one in my lifetime. It will be a time to reflect on the soldiers who have fought for my freedom. I can … Continue reading

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Connecting With Life

Today I made new connections in my recovery life. Sometimes it takes an outsider to see what you have been missing. Positive input from someone who knows the program can be a plus. But for me it was different today. … Continue reading

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Victim Mentality

How often has addiction caused a victim mentality? Those individuals living in addiction live a victim mentality each and every day. Recovery helps the addict break free from having a victim mentality. Addiction causes heartache while recovery brings healing. Stop … Continue reading

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Doing The Hard Things

Lately I have been doing the hard things. Things in life that are so overwhelming. Things that only I can do. I have ignored my recovery to do the hard things……..College. Going to college has been a challenging fight. I … Continue reading

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