Connecting With Life

Today I made new connections in my recovery life. Sometimes it takes an outsider to see what you have been missing. Positive input from someone who knows the program can be a plus. But for me it was different today. Today I stood outside a local business talking to a business owner about God’s plan for my life. She said these words of wisdom…..” Just ask him and God will tell you.” I have been so busy this past month with writing papers and taking final exams. I have forgotten to take time out for God. But not tonight. Tonight I will crack open my Celebrate Recovery Bible and contemplate all that transpired today. I will be journaling in my journaling bible. I will not be afraid to make mistakes. I am less than perfect but I am wonderfully made. I will try not to get bored. When I get bored……disaster strikes. Tonight I will soak in God’s word and release my anxieties. I will try to connect with life once again. I have almost forgotten what recovery means to me. Recovery begins once again.

About recoverylife101

We all are connected in one way or another in this great big world. What connects us? Just being human. Come join me on the adventure of a lifetime as we explore the idea of leaving cherished legacies.
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