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All Charged U

Think about all the things that charges you up to become successful in recovery. For me personally, I am doing it for myself. I have been struggling with health issues lately that have rocked me to my core. Yet still … Continue reading

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Being Brave

Sometimes being brave is the hardest thing to do. There may be times when you may stumble and fall. You must be brave and never give up faith. Faith will guide you to a new level of understanding. Faith will … Continue reading

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The Challenge Of Saying No To Social Media

I wish I would have saved the site but I didn’t. The Author wrote about being careful about what you put on social media. He brought up an interesting fact that what sites that people visited could be seen by … Continue reading

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It Is Not What You Think It Is…..

I heard the words…..” It’s not what you think it is.” as I registered for the five day CIT conference. I honestly hate it when a church member tries to dummify me in front of my youngest son. I waited … Continue reading

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CIT Training

CIT training will be coming up. I hope to get into the program. I do not think it has any affiliation with NAMI but it is important. CIT stands for Crisis Intervention Training. With the training that I will receive, … Continue reading

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