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Merry Christmas

May you find peace, happiness,and hope in this season.

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God Is My Sponsor

My God is my sponsor. He leads me through life’s greatest difficulties. I can always trust in God’s advice to me. God cannot harm me. I can harm myself by allowing negativity into my life. I struggle with this every … Continue reading

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The Joy Of Being

The joy of being……human. I can honestly say that my addiction has sapped all the joy out of my life. Having peace and joy in life can be difficult. Finding joy after addiction can be difficult. Take each moment one … Continue reading

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The Gift Of Being

The gift of being…….human. I love to people watch. Lately I have not liked ¬†what I have been seeing and experiencing. Last month I had a college student tell me “I am not like that.” She then proceeded to act … Continue reading

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