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Healing Testimony

What is your healing testimony. Yesterday I spoke just part of my testimony at a Leadership Conference in college. Telling my story rejuvenated my mission of recovering from life’s hurts,habits, and hangups. This past week has been a roller coaster … Continue reading

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Rest Your Weary Heart

Sleep and rest are very important to those of us in recovery. Lack of sleep causes an individual to not think clearly. When you cannot think clearly, you can make haste decisions. A clear mind is necessary to make every … Continue reading

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Let Freedom Ring

Recovery from our hurts, habits, and hangups gives us a new found freedom. Life somehow gets a little easier when we are able to stop our addiction. When this is achieved, everything seems so much sweeter. But we must be … Continue reading

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Releasing Your Fears

Fear is False Expectations Appearing Real. It is your choice to either live a life full of courage or fear. I choose to live each day with courage. Today was filled with pushing past the pain of going to two … Continue reading

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