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Everything Changed

In the blink of an eye…….My life changed today. Everyone around me had gotten the “ticket” to be interviewed for the Master’s Program. I received nothing. I felt relief. I can move on to the next step…….Letting go of the … Continue reading

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Day By Day

Day by day I am faced by the good, the bad, and the ugliness of humanity. No one really knows my struggles. The struggles of recovery in a world filled of addiction is real. No matter which way we turn……there … Continue reading

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Dealing With Resentments

A wise individual recently gave me the best advice……You just have to let it go. I wanted to tell him “I don’t want to let it go. I want to never forget.” Resentments can build walls around us until we … Continue reading

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Growing Through The Pain

At one point or another, pain can be the impetuous for new growth. Emotional pain is in fact a motivator for change. Change is always good.¬†Fear of failure inhibits change. The Serenity Prayer gives us a simple guideline¬† through pain………God … Continue reading

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When All Else Fails…..Call Your Higher Power

Have you every felt so defeated that you didn’t know where to turn to? When you are feeling run down, beaten, or defeated, that’s when you need to turn to your higher power for strength and courage. You can start … Continue reading

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