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Breaking Chains

I have been MIA. Just plain recovering. Surgery. Yuck . A necessary evil. I am still recovering. Life is full of recovering moments. I sometimes have to question the motives of non recovering individuals. Last night really made me wonder … Continue reading

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Unwrapping The Gift Of Recovery

There is a certain excitement in unwrapping a gift. The feeling of excitement and anticipation. There is no greater feeling that unwrapping the gift of recovery. Ripping out the wrapping paper of life and getting down to the real gift. … Continue reading

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Growing Through The Pain

At one point or another, pain can be the impetuous for new growth. Emotional pain is in fact a motivator for change. Change is always good.¬†Fear of failure inhibits change. The Serenity Prayer gives us a simple guideline¬† through pain………God … Continue reading

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Take A Good Look At Where You Are Today

Take the time out to take a good look at where you are headed today. If you took a look in the bathroom mirror, what would you see? Would you see your broken self-image or would you see yourself emerging … Continue reading

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You Have Made It This Far

I have a feeling that you are starting to doubt yourself. Instead of doubting yourself, give yourself a pat on your back. You deserve it. Release all your doubts to your higher power above. He is your ultimate cheerleader who … Continue reading

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