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Connecting With Life

Today I made new connections in my recovery life. Sometimes it takes an outsider to see what you have been missing. Positive input from someone who knows the program can be a plus. But for me it was different today. … Continue reading

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What’s Your Recovery Vision?

What does your recovery vision look like? If you have been keeping a recovery journal, your words are the keys to your recovery vision. You may have heard the words vision board or treasure mapping. On a piece of a … Continue reading

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Letter Writing For Recovery

When was the last time you sat down to write a letter or write in your recovery journal? I find myself making excuses. But now I have run out of excuses. Time seems to slip away from me. I find … Continue reading

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Live And Learn

Life has a way of teaching us lessons. If we ignore these lessons we are destined for failure in our recovery from addiction.If we listen and learn from those in recovery, we have a chance at living life of recovery. … Continue reading

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The Journal

Pick up a journal that you can write down your thoughts,feelings,hopes and dreams. The journal will help you on your journey through recovery. You can write down anything you want within the journal. You don’t have to share the contents … Continue reading

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The Invitation

While taking a stroll around the block yesterday, I ran into a woman who asked if she could join me. I replied yes. We talked about many different subjects. She admired my cellphone holder and asked if I had one … Continue reading

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