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The Moment

When did you realize that enough was enough? What was the defining moment? ¬†Your rock bottom was the moment that you knew something had to change. I can compare my rock bottom to jumping off a cliff without a safety … Continue reading

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Being Brave

Sometimes being brave is the hardest thing to do. There may be times when you may stumble and fall. You must be brave and never give up faith. Faith will guide you to a new level of understanding. Faith will … Continue reading

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Small Groups

I had a very interesting night at CR on Thursday. It was snowing out and I should have stayed home. My low tire light went off and I really wanted to go home. Instead I drove 45 minutes to the … Continue reading

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Grieving And The Holidays

The holidays can be difficult for those individuals who have lost loved ones. I join the ranks this year. It’s hard. I don’t feel like celebrating. Instead this year I have given to others in worst situations than I am … Continue reading

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Dealing With Resentments

A wise individual recently gave me the best advice……You just have to let it go. I wanted to tell him “I don’t want to let it go. I want to never forget.” Resentments can build walls around us until we … Continue reading

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God Alone

God alone knows our struggles. Being strong in staying clean takes work. We cannot do this alone. When we are able to let go and let God show us the way, our lives will get better. We cannot turn back … Continue reading

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Rest Your Weary Heart

Sleep and rest are very important to those of us in recovery. Lack of sleep causes an individual to not think clearly. When you cannot think clearly, you can make haste decisions. A clear mind is necessary to make every … Continue reading

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